Targeted Lytic Peptides for the Treatment of Cancer

A28 Therapeutics is a Clinical Stage Biopharmaceutical Company Developing a Novel Platform Technology to Treat Multiple Cancer Types

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Why Targeted Lytic Peptides for Cancer Treatment:

Lytic peptides have been studied as a treatment for cancer for more than 25 years. As anti-cancer agents, targeted lytic peptide conjugates offer the potential to provide unique advantages over current treatment approaches including the ability to target tumor cells with high specificity, low toxicity, and efficient tumor cell destruction.

Our Technology

The A28 Therapeutics Targeted Lytic Peptide Platform

A28’s targeted lytic peptide platform has been the subject of more than 70 pre-clinical studies and our lead compound has been clinically tested through a Phase 2a study, demonstrating an attractive safety profile and promising anti-tumor activity.

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How AT-101 Kills Cancer Cells

AT-101, A28 Therapeutics’ lead compound, is a conjugated targeted lytic peptide consisting of the cationic CLYP-71 lytic peptide conjugated to a ligand of the LHRH hormone. The LHRH receptor-targeting unit of AT-101 binds to cancer cells that overexpress LHRH receptors on their cell membranes, allowing the cell-killing lytic peptide unit to be attracted to the negatively charged cancer cell, resulting in targeted cancer cell death without harming healthy cells.

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AT-101: Pipeline in a Product

Multiple Indications

LHRH receptors are over-expressed on the top ten solid tumor cancers by prevalence and various hematological malignancies, permitting AT-101 to target multiple cancer types, both at primary and metastatic stage.

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Multiple Combos

AT-101 synergizes with multiple types of cancer drugs, including Checkpoint and PARP inhibitors, as well as most types of chemotherapy.

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Multiple Lines of Treatment

AT-101 has the potential to treat both advanced, metastatic cancers as second/third line therapy, as well earlier stage cancers, as first line therapy.

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Our Company

With 70 years of combined experience in the life sciences, the A28 Therapeutics executive team is focused on developing innovative, safe and effective new treatments for cancer leveraging its novel targeted lytic peptide platform.

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